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Business Areas.

Business Areas

Primarily focused on Federal Government R&D, AcornSI works across a diverse set of customers and technologies. AcornSI has capabilities in Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Ocean Sciences, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Classification, and Business Intelligence.

Maritime ISR

AcornSI has extensive experience in Maritime ISR from both developmental and operational perspectives. This experience also extends from legacy systems to the latest emerging distributed and autonomous concepts. This depth and range of experience allows AcornSI to conceive of, evaluate, and develop a full range of Maritime ISR solutions including: custom concept development tailored to the environment and threat, performance modeling, trade studies, communications solutions, deployment options, power solutions, and on-board and off-board automated processing allowing us to be well positioned to meet the needs of our customers with cost effective, high-value solutions.

Ocean Sciences

AcornSI provides technical expertise in modeling acoustic sources, coupling of sound from in-air to underwater, underwater acoustic propagation modeling, bottom loss modeling, underwater signal processing, and ASW performance modeling. Applications include area characterization, effects of noise on marine mammals, hydroacoustic nuclear monitoring, and automated signal detection and classification.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Classification Analysis

AcornSI UXO service group brings research-grade analysis skills and thought processes with production-constrained, real-world knowledge and experiences to each and every project. By virtue of their 15+yearlong research experience with SERDP and ESTCP, AcornSI personnel are intimately familiar with all aspects of geophysical investigations designed to quantitatively classify hazardous UXO from non-hazardous clutter while simultaneously documenting the decisions via data products, quality control procedures, quality assurance plans, and standard operating procedures.

Business Intelligence

AcornSI business intelligence solutions seamlessly unite analytical and data integration functions from diverse data storage platforms into easy to use and visually appealing dashboards and visual reports. Our solutions allow customers to readily access data from multiple sources and provides custom robust graphical visualization and drill down capabilities.

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